SA 03/04/2021


 “During this week at Nineties Lab we will work with a couple of scenes from the script and experiment with the fact that the audience is at home. What is the role of a camera in theatre? How do you keep the live element of theatre and a sense of a collective experience for someone who is at home on their couch? Everything the audience at home sees on their screens, is a reconstruction and therefore a manipulation. The world’s a stage, and everyone can be framed”. 

Niels Kuiters has written a new text especially for online theatre, Schimmel/Fungus. This new text, written especially for online theatre by Niels Kuiters, is a research into framing. Everything on stage is a reconstruction, and can therefore be manipulated. What do we see? And what does the camera conveniently leave off-screen? Can we trust our own eyes?’



Babylon’ is a theatre group made up of performers and theatre-makers Hidde Aans-Verkade, Eileen Graham, Matthijs Janssen, Kevin Klein, Niels Kuiters, Merel Staalstra, Romy Vreden, scenographer Han Ruiz Buhrs, and director Zephyr Brüggen. In the April 2020 lockdown, we were  the first to make live, site-specific theatre for Zoom. We used Zoom as a digital panopticon where everyone can see into everyone’s room. You can find a review of our performance here (in Dutch):

As a group, we try to break through the fourth wall of the camera, straight into people’s living rooms. We make theatre for and with our audience and we never deny the presence of the camera. Our audience is our witness, and therefore always complicit in the action.

During the lockdown of April 2020 we made the first ever theatre performance specifically created for Zoom: Woyzeck, een waanvoorstelling. We used Zoom as a site-specific medium, a panopticon where everyone can see into everyone’s room. After the success of Woyzeck, we wanted to keep experimenting with this new and inspiring form of live performing.