Diederik Kreike

SA 17/04/2021


The digital world feels like a commodified, dangerous space. We all pay with our data and some of us like to deep fake ‘the truth’. For others this space is a biotope where they find belonging and connection, their virtual self offers them new tools to create their own story. Stories that sometimes aren’t even possible outside that very digital space.  

In a queer.obj we are hosting a webcam session where we allow algorithms to interfere with our digital space and digital self. A supercomputer is added to our artistic team to generate data, while we look for new tools or codes we could use to our advantage. In what other textures, formats or data can we render our queer minds? How do we convert to PDF? Let’s open our laptops, meet our encoded reflections, adjust the shot and unmute ourselves. 

*OBJ or .obj is known as Wavefront 3D Object File. It is a file format used for a three-dimensional object containing 3D coordinates, texture maps and other object information.



Diederik Kreike (Didi) is a Rotterdam-based performance artist. Since graduating from the Toneelacademie Maastricht, they are researching the cross over between theater and other art disciplines; circulating around themes as identity, queer culture and the night. Stichting Likeminds suggested Diederik as one the artist for Het Atelier 2021 (collaboration between Oerol and Over ‘t IJ Festival)