April 3rd & April 24th

Artistic director: djJJJ

MC and performer: djJJJ (inside the body of Marta Wörner)

Real DJ and performer: Jetti Steffers

Visual Art: Lavinia Xausa

Vocal Coach: Diederik Kreike

And something extra extra, on two of the eight weeks DjJJJ present Dance Dictatorship:  a guided collective physical experience displayed online that takes the format of a virtual and performative DJ set with related audiovisual stimulus. During the DJ set, life-mixed electronic music, life-voice and audiovisuals are melted to guide the listeners in the experience of their own body and digital and virtual space around.



djJJJ (2020, Rotterdam) is a female spiritual dictator and party maker. Throughout her short career, she mixes somatic practices, dance, music and spoken text to facilitate cathartic and collective physical experiences. djJJJ collaborates with different real female DJ’s for the realization of the performative experience named Dance dictatorship. In​ Dance dictatorship,djJJJ takes the role of an MC that is, at a meta-level, a slighgly dominant choreographer who wants to see everyone moving ALL THE TIME. From 2020, djJJJ occupies intermittently and without permission the body of the choreographer ​Marta Wörner​ to serve her purpose.