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about the lab

Is there a digital ‘here and now’?

Can we have a collective virtual experience that is shared in time, but not in space? What if that space is a ‘virtual stage’? Nineties finds theater making in the digital space an inspiring and necessary investigation that goes beyond the need for a practical solution to the problem of the pandemic and its uncertainties.

why nineties has created a public laboratory

 To explore online theater as a new medium. Eight Saturday nights, audiences, artists and performers will come together via video call software in a self created digital theater that will feature a variety of live performances. In search of the potential of the digital here and now, Nineties, Feikes Huis, Over het IJ, Likeminds and Performance Technology lab, have put together a diverse team of artists that will provide live broadcasts for eight weeks from a green screen studio on the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam Noord. Artists spend a week researching and working in the lab and these results can be seen every Saturday at 8.30pm.

what and who is nineties’ lab?

A live constructed theatrical virtual club night, a crossover between performance, dance, music, poetry and web-art. Selected artists for the Nineties’ Lab are Hotel Modern, Ariah Lester, Collectief Babylon, Dinsdag.org (Jeff Aendenboom and Bas Vanderschoot), Thais Di Marco, SILVERBONES, Lucinda Wessels, Tom-Oliver Jacobson & Jo Kroese and Diederik Kreike.

 “Theatre with our screens as a stage offers many opportunities and possibilities, and also promises much for the future beyond corona. We can create intimacy with audiences from Japan, Chile or Tunisia. Through video calls we can break through the fourth wall, directly address the audience and really experience a moment together unlike film or Youtube Live. By making sets digital and using different cameras, the visual possibilities are suddenly endless. It’s as if in a theater you can not only build any scenery you want, but also play with the eyes of your audience. And meanwhile, just like a concert or a performance, you feel that it’s all happening where you are. Or well sort of where you are”

Anne Maike Mertens

Nineties' Artistic director



You can buy your tickets here. The more you buy, the cheaper they get :). Once you’ve bought your ticket(s), you will receive them in your email. Make sure you print them out or have them ready on your phone to show them in front of your webcam when you enter the lab. In our virtual place, your ticket will be scanned!

lab nights

March 13th          Dinsdag.org

March 20th          Silverbones

March 27th          Ariah Lester

April 3rd               Babylon

April 10th             Thais di marco, Tom Oliver Jacobsen and Jo Kroese

April 17th             Diederik Kreike

April 24th             Hotel Modern

May 1st                Hows of Norms


Artistic DirectorsAnne Maike Mertens, Yannick Noomen
Artistic Advisers: 
Liet Lenshoek, Pol Eggermont and Simone Hogendijk
Digital Scenographer: Julian Maiwald
Video editor: Karl Klomp
Video adviser: Keez Duyves, Jason Malone
Graphic design and animation: Joost de haas
Production: Merel hobrink
Technical Producer: Floris Vermist
Stagehand: Antonia Rehfuess
Platform Creator: Marcel Harteveld
Marketing and Startegy: Esra Merkel & Carly Renwarin
Creative Producer: Vevi van der Vliet
Website Design: Noor Boekenoogen

Coproduced by: Likeminds, Feikes Huis, Performance Technology Lab, Over ‘t IJ
Funded by: Fonds21, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten