Autocue & Alter ego are two short solos. Nineties made these performances to be seen on location in the Stadsschouwburg in the Spring of 2016. Since then they have remained in the Nineties repertoire, and they were developed to be performed at various festivals.


What is the power of speech? The ability to steer the audience? Is it the words, the tone, the attitude or mimicry that manipulate the audience? Why do we immediately believe one person and remain suspicious of another? Theatermakers Anne Maike Mertens and Stephanie Louwrier research the tension between real and fake, charisma and integrity. In 30 minutes the audience is kneaded, influenced, played and seduced by the tyrant, the politician, and the philosopher. Humorous, sharp, confusing and capricious. Autocue is a solo, played by Stephanie Louwrier about speaking without words and playing with confidence.


In 2012, David Byrne, known for the new wave band Talking Heads, released the almost anthroposophical book How Music Works. A collection of his columns, articles, TEDtalks and autobiographical fragments about the influence of music on culture and vice versa. Byrne is known as a musician, but is a much broader artist who does not shy away from any discipline and is inspired by everything. Always aware of the context and time in which he lives, his performances have undergone many developments.

Based on his book, Nineties productions made a solo piece played by Yannick Noomen and directed by Lizzy Timmers. Yannick plays comically but humanlyn diverse characters all looking for their identity, similar to how Byrne always looks for different shapes for his performances. From a vlogging teenage girl who intakes the world through YouTube to a desperate hipster with a world trip behind him. They seem to have little in common, but have all stepped out of Byrne’s head, I mean book.

Playdates Double Bill

01 April – Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
02 April – Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
03 April – Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
08 April – Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
09 April – Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
10 April – Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

Playdates Alter Ego

27 Aug – Paradiso, Amsterdam
03 Sep – Vondelpark Theater, Amsterdam
08 Okt – Melkweg, Amsterdam

01 Jul – Parade, Rotterdam
02 Jul – Parade, Rotterdam
27 Jul – Parade, Utrecht
28 Jul – Parade, Utrecht
29 Jul – Parade, Utrecht
30 Jul – Parade, Utrecht
31 Jul – Parade, Utrecht
01 Aug – Parade, Utrecht
03 Aug – Festival Boulevard
07 Aug – Festival Boulevard
08 Aug – Festival Boulevard
11 Aug – Parade, Amsterdam
12 Aug – Parade, Amsterdam
13 Aug – Parade, Amsterdam
14 Aug – Parade, Amsterdam
15 Aug – Parade, Amsterdam

Playdates Autocue

27 Aug – Paradiso, Amsterdam

6 Aug – Festival Boulevard
7 Aug – Festival Boulevard
8 Aug – Festival Boulevard
9 Aug – Festival Boulevard
10 Aug – Festival Boulevard
11 Aug – Festival Boulevard
12 Aug – Festival Boulevard
13 Aug – Festival Boulevard


De astronauten van We Are Here

On Stage: Stephanie Louwrier
Director: Anne Maike Mertens
Producer: Paradiso Melkweg Productiehuis & SSBA Salon
Photo and graphic design: Joost de Haas
Production management: Pauline Otten
Thankts to: Yannick Noomen, Floor Houwink ten Cate, Fonds Podiumkunsten

On Stage: Yannick Noomen
Director: Lizzy Timmers
Producer: Paradiso Melkweg Productiehuis & SSBA Salon
Photo and graphic design: Joost de Haas
Production management: Pauline Otten
Thanks to: Anne Maike Mertens, Florian Hellwig, Stephanie Louwrier, Floor Houwink ten Cate, Fonds Podiumkunsten

Supported by: Fonds Podiumkunsten, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunsten, Paradiso
Melkweg Productiehuis and Festival de Parade.


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