An oath to unfulfilled promises.
World’s best actor probably isn’t on stage, because he happened to become a lawyer.
World’s best painting never made the museum, because it’s hanging on a fridge somewhere.
The most powerful seed didn’t germinate, because it was pooped out by a pigeon in the shadow of a concrete skyscraper.
Like this, beautiful scenes and strong acts never made it to the stage, because they didn’t fit the context for the plays they were made.

All the killed darlings will be kissed to life and then buried for good at this one-time only show. Inspired by Night of the Collectives (Nacht van de Collectieven) various members of BOG., Club Gewalt, Lars Doberman, Nineties Productions, Touki Delphine, URLAND, De Warme Winkel en Wunderbaum will dive right in with best intentions at the start of a new year. With a new year’s hangover still there, they will come together for 3 days and nights and produce a one-time only night with all that has been set aside. To kick off the new year with old trash. A melancholic show with a good party after!

De tor van Nineties


On stage in no particular order: Urland, de Warme Winkel, Club Gewalt, Wunderbaum, Lars Doberman, Touki Delphine, Nineties Productions, BOG. 
Produced by: Orkater

Thanks to: Orkater, ITA, Fonds Podiumkunsten.


Tickets are available at the programming theater. By clicking on the date above you can buy them online.

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