March 27th

Blood runs through our veins, but what does run through our blood?

We are the result of historical collisions, of cruelty, abuse, abundance, evolutions, and revolutions.

What does the body contain? What does the self encapsulate?

What is the material these bones and flesh are made of? 

What does our reflection in the mirror speak about?


TRACES/ME ATRAVIESA is something between a poem, a music video, a stand up-comedy show, make-up tutorial, and a high art history lesson. It is a journey through the collective consciousness and subconscious about colonisation. ARIAH opens-up to revisiting his genealogical tree, his experiences as a brown person in the EU and the connections to all the invisible matters that intersect his being.



Winner of the Publikumpreis (Audience Award) at Radikal Jung Festival 2019 in Münich, at the Münchner Volsktheater, the Operadagen Festival Rotterdam Award in 2018, and the Young Theatre Award at Theater Aan Zee Festival 2017 (as original young maker, play and song writer), in Oostende, Belgium. ARIAH LESTER is a multidisciplinary artist that works within the fields of visual arts, graphic design, electronic-pop music, and text based theatre, through the lens of movement/dance. ARIAH comes from Caracas Venezuela, where he graduated from the UNEARTE (National Experimental University of Arts) and the Juana Sujo (School of Drama and Scenic Performance). Later on he moves to Amsterdam where he graduates from the SNDO (School voor Nieuwe Dans Ontwikkeling).