hows of norms


May 1st

The lucid expression of thought-forms in motion’

Performance Art by Lucinda Wessels & Melisa Diktas

Visual Art by CJ P. Roxas

You’ll be watching through the objective awareness of the self. A clear perspective on the ongoing traffic inside the mind. A musical journey from chaos to silence. You can interact as a thought form by sharing an emotion/mood to the performers. They will interpret and express this back to you. 



creative processes involved in artistic self-expression helps people to resolve conflicts, develop interpersonal skills, manage behaviour, reduce stress, increase self-esteem, self -awareness and achieve insight.”

LUCINDA is co-founder of HOWS OF NORMS and has gained professional experience as a dance artist, choreographer and DJ. Like most artists, she is a free spirit. So quickly distracted, but above all creative, intuitive and investigative. 

From an early age she has been inspired by the creativity within Hiphop dance and culture and has also learned a lot from academic styles. Over the years, Lucinda has continued to search for her own form of movement and prefers to dance from her own story / feeling with movement concepts, instead of with a defined style as the foundation. 

As a teacher Lucinda also strongly believes in the authentic power and choices of the dancer and therefore gives improvisation techniques at dance academies in addition to choreography. Lucinda is a performing artist and movement director at Hows of Norms.