Selection of Lab artists!

Nineties Laboratorium will be filled with: (Jeff Aendenboom & Bas Vanderschoot), they present The Memeing of Life. A Streaming of life. Or a life stream. You may choose. An interactive, scrolling, experience aka a swipe soirée. SILVERBONES, this extraordinary Amsterdam based band, invites you to step into their hypnotic sonic garden, a digital concert in which they will journey the audience to find Places To Land. Ariah Lesters’: THE-MAKE-OFF-YOUTUBER-MAKE-UP-TUTORIAL-INTERVIEW-COMEDY-DECOLONIZATION- HISTORY-CLASS- POP-MUSIC-VIDEO-SHOW. Ariah Lester is a multidisciplinary artist that works within the fields of visual arts, graphic design, electronic-pop music, and text based theatre, through the lens of movement/dance. Babylon (Hidde Aans-Verkade, Eileen Graham, Matthijs Janssen, Kevin Klein, Niels Kuiters, Merel Staalstra, Romy Vreden, scenographer Han Ruiz Buhrs, and director Zephyr Brüggen) presents SCHIMMEL (FUNGUS). This new text, written especially for online theatre by Niels Kuiters, is a research into framing. Everything on stage is a reconstruction, and can therefore be manipulated. What do we see? And what does the camera conveniently leave off-screen? Can we trust our own eyes?’. Data scientist, artist and musician Jo Kroese & theatermaker and performer Tom-Oliver Jacobson present darkroom. The performance places participants in a digital room to navigate and share intimate experiences without seeing. Powered by live binaural sound and collective imagination, darkroom takes participants from their homes into a temporary other world. Performance artist Diederik Kreike presents: A queer.obj, a webcam session where algorithms are allowed to interfere with our digital space and digital self. In what other textures, formats or data can we render our queer minds? Theater company Hotel Modern blends puppetry, visual art, mime and music. In Private Domain, actresses Pauline Kalker and Arlène Hoornweg and visual artist Heleen Wiemer explore the intimacy that can be the result of communicating by means of a webcam. Dancer Lucinda Wessels (House of Norms) presents The Lucid Express: A musical journey from chaos to silence. A lucid expression of thought-forms in motion. In #FUCKTHEARTMARKET the international influencer Thais Di Marco will talk about contemporary art, classim, racism and misogyny in the art world, in her words: “I love contemporary art, although; I’ve never done it before! Follow her profile t.e.r.r.a.k.o.t.a. and tag your friends that love art too! 




And something extra, on three of the eight weeks Laura van Dolron will join the Lab, she has invented her own style of theater stand-up philosophy. For this project she will be part of several performances as an action writer. A live reflecting on what happens, in the place where the performances take place, behind the scenes, in the world and in the space we are trying to bridge between our hearts and the people who watch at home.





Nineties Lab’ is created by: Anne Maike Mertens (director), Yannick Noomen (actor/content creator), Julian Maiwald (digital scenographer) and Karl Klomp (video editor).

Co-producers: Likeminds, Over Het IJ, Performance Technology Lab and Feikes Huis.

The Lab is supported by Floris Vermist (technical producer), Antonia Rehfuess (intern technique), Esra Merkel and Carly Renwarin (marketing, strategee and promotion), Marcel Harteveld (website design), Noor Broekhoven (intern design), Joost de Haas (graphic design and animation), Merel Hobrink (producer) and Vevi van der Vliet (creative producer).

This Lab is funded by: Fonds21, Fonds Podiumkunsten and  Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten