Tom Oliver Jacobson & Jo Kroese

SA 10/04/2021


Darkroom is a performative zone that operates through the blurred borders between bodies. As a technology framework, it places participants in a digital room to navigate and share intimate experiences without seeing. Powered by live binaural sound and collective imagination, darkroom takes participants from their homes into a temporary other world. With the limitations of vision removed, darkroom becomes a space between reality and fiction: a moaning workshop, sound bath, a confessional or an erotic storytelling night. In an age of isolation, the framework facilitates the intimate and healing power of sound, imagination and perhaps even attraction. It is specically designed for, and inspired by, queer practices of vulnerability, community and affirmation.


Jo Kroese is a data scientist, artist and musician who builds tools and experiences to make the world more joyful and just. They founded the data consultancy Citizense, run the Radical Data Project and, under the name Jobi, make dance music with code.

Tom Oliver Jacobson is a theatre maker, performer and curator based in Amsterdam. Co-founder of Tlön, an experimental performance venue and queer club in Malmö, Sweden. Their artistic practice revolves around imagining and rehearsing the futures we (maybe) want to see, through designing embodied experiences. They are closely engaged in the Amsterdam-based initiatives DUST and Current: A Space, and are currently doing an M.A at DAS Theatre. and