NINETIES: Live Your Life Like A Rave Machine

Let’s go back to the nineties, the age of house, gabber, hiphop and grunge. NINETIES is an explosive musical theater performance with a melancholic touch. Six young theater makers take you for a walk down memory lane in a theatrical medley in which flippos, gabbers,
Apfelkorn, Game Boy, smoke machines, Aardappel Anders, Tamagotchi, stroboscopes, LA Gear, Slimy and the Power Rangers thrive. Fuck fear, dare to shine again like you’re twelve: Live Your Life Like A Rave Machine!


NINETIES: Live Your Life Like A Rave Machine was initiated by theater makers Yannick Noomen and Anne Maike Mertens. The idea was to seduce a new audience into the theater by being part of the Amsterdam nightlife. The performance included a 90’s party at Café CoX and it also played at De Parade and Lowlands in the summer of 2013.



01 september 2013, Magneet festival
17 augustus 2013, Lowlands
09 augustus 2013 tot 11 augustus 2013, Parade Amsterdam
19 juli 2013 tot 22 juli 2013, Parade Utrecht
05 juli 2013 tot 07 juli 2013, Parade Den Haag
20 juni 2013 tot 23 juni 2013, Parade Rotterdam


Yannick Noomen

Anne Maike Mertens

Kiki van Deursen

Benjamin Moen

Colin Linnekamp

Serin Utlu

Jim Deddes

Jeroen Hoekstra

Timo Merkies

Marijn van Bussel

Nita Kersten

Maaike van Putten

Paul Romkes