Open Call

Open Call voor Nineties’ Lab

Dear theater maker, performer, musician, dancer, designer, visual artist: dear Artist

We would like to invite you to our lab!

Is there a digital ‘here and now’? Can we have a collective virtual experience that is shared in time, but not in space? What if that space is a ‘virtual stage’? Exploring what live performance is in the digital space can turn out in an inspiring journey beyond the mere necessity of a practical solution to the problem of the pandemic and its uncertainties. We would like to invite you to workshop your ideas around these questions in Nineties Lab. During the summer we, theater collective Nineties, created an online performance named Memento Mori using green screen technology together with video calling software. After a successful “tour” with surprising experiences of being together while being apart, we decided to dive deeper into this new medium. 

So in order to explore the digital here and now Nineties is building a laboratory. Doors will open from February 2021 until April 2021. We search for eight collaborators, artists of all kinds (from dancers to visual artists, from just graduated to mid career) to join our adventure. Every week we share our Lab with a new artist/group/collective to explore the possibilities and the potentials of live online art. 

We offer a full week of working in a space of 100 m2 in the North of Amsterdam, this includes the use of  our technical gear (including the green screen) and technical engineers. You will be paid for the week according to the Fair Practice Code*. At the end of the week, on Saturday night the Lab will go live. People can tune in with their webcams from wherever they are. This Lab will be a digital club that people can join, a party you can crash. In this interactive live event we will present and host theatrical/artistic work that tries to connect with the audience by breaking through every (4th) wall, every screen, every boundary there is. 

Normally, but what is normally these days, we present our site-specific work on a wide range of locations and festivals. But these days we feel it’s best to let go of our regular forms for a while and invest in the potentials of new forms. Nineties creates this Laboratory as a place to dive into the unknown of online performance art and question the boundaries of space, connection, collectivity and art.  

So if you feel like joining our exploration please apply. Put your idea, motivation and short bio into max 2000 words or pictures before the 11th of december and send it to


              Space divides the bodies, not the minds – Erasmus


*The Fair Practice Code is a code of conduct for entrepreneurship and work in art, culture and creative industries, based on five core values: solidarity, diversity, sustainability, trust and transparency. was drawn up by a broad representation of cultural and creative professionals. The code complements the Governance Code Culture and the Code of Cultural Diversity. 

Coproduced by Feikes Huis, Likeminds and supported by Over het IJ en Performance Technology Lab